Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

Don’t protest Wall Street, protest the government that made the the rules and regulations they are required to live by.

Blame the government that rewards Wall Street, banks and other financial institutions for failure by guaranteeing investments with taxpayer backed securities.

Blame the government from regulating and taxing manufacturers until they leave the country because it is cheaper to do business elsewhere.

Blame the government that gives loans to these same manufacturing companies to “save the workers” and then give the money to unions while stiffing the investors.

Blame the government that has set in place policies that are killing jobs, like the ban on carbon light bulbs and banning drilling in the Gulf.

Blame the government that has shut-off our natural resources to the point that we are no longer self-sufficient while allowing foreign countries move in to extract these same resources.

Blame the government that has thrown in so much red tape that opening a coal power plant will cost investors more than any profits they might make and take more time than it’s worth.

Blame the government that does not consider gas and food prices when figuring inflation rates. Bacon was $3 a pound 2 years ago, now its $7 for 12 ounces and gas is a dollar a gallon higher than last year.

Blame the government that lost 2/3 of the equity in homes in the last 2 ½ years.

Blame the government that has spent more than $4 trillion tax dollars to “stimulate the economy” and wants another $500 billion.

Blame the government who are investing our tax dollars in companies that are risky at best like Solyndra.

Blame the government that produces nothing and in order to give it to others must first take the money from someone that earned it.
The problem is not Wall Street, the problem is government.