Monday, March 29, 2010

Searchlight NV

Harry Reid supporters misdirected Tea Party Express gatherers on the way to a rally in Searchlight NV last week.

People holding signs stating that the gathering was here directed Andrew Breitbart a speaker for the event, who was traveling independent of the group, into the wrong parking area.

He was approached by people holding their Support Harry Reid signs and witnessed some of them throwing eggs at the passing Tea Party Express bus.

Later that day, a police officer approached Andrew and told him that the Reid supporters accused him, Andrew of throwing the eggs at the bus.
Fortunately, Andrew’s camera crew had been recording the entire event. They also admitted on camera that they had been mis-directing people on the way to the event down the wrong road for hours.

This event was being held in the desert away from everyone else so as not to disturb the people that supported Mr. Reid yet these same people took it upon themselves to go out of the way to cause trouble and to try and show that the Tea Party movement was resorting to violence.

This will be a common modus operandi for the Democratic Party as they try desperately to break down the Tea Parties before the November elections

Harry Reid was instrumental in buying senators votes to get this 2,700 piece of legislation passed against the will of the people.
Our own senator Carl Levin [D] held out for his own “Corn Husker Kickback” or “Louisiana Purchase” to secure billions in subsidies for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.

Business as usual in DC; doesn’t matter what party it is, they all bow to big money. One thing for sure is, not one republican voted for this massive take-over of our economy hiding it behind a “health care” title.

Do your homework, vet these candidates and see who is and will stand with the people and then cast your vote not only in the November election but also in the primary in August. Groups all over the country hold events to help you become informed, present candidates and help you hear these people speak. All are free. Look for an upcoming event in your area by going to: or or

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Medicare to Blue Care

Our pay rate, dollar for dollar is the same as it was in 1998 yet everything else has increased; food, gas, taxes, you name it. The government cannot get enough of our money.

This new health care mandate that people can keep their children on until they are 26 as I see it is nothing more than a transfer of money. The government can force people to buy insurance. They can force insurance companies to cover all regardless of their condition which is a huge relief for the government as they can move people that are disabled from birth and make the insurance companies pay for them rather than add them to Medicare.

This will cause the costs to rise even more and when insurance companies need to raise rates, the government will refuse them and eventually the insurance companies will have to bow out and close their doors.

Once they have their single payer system, all hope is lost. The waiting lines will grow, the number of doctors will diminish and death rates will increase.
Medical device manufacturers would not back the senate plan, the senators said, ok, “we’ll slap a tax on them”. So now every medical device sold is subject to a tax which will add to the costs and again force prices higher.

Some of the people that support this bill use the reasoning that people in the US don’t live as long as people in other countries. This has nothing to do with health care; it has to do with lifestyles, diet and family histories.

There is no need for government to take over another 16% of our economy to preach to us as to what we should eat, drink and our exercise regimen. Insurance companies already offer incentives for healthy lifestyles.

Another daunting thought that enters my mind on a daily basis; my tax dollars are being used to murder babies in the womb.

Government has no business being in the private industry whether it is medical or industrial. Their record is written and in the private world, they rate last.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rep. John Dingell

I listened to Rep. John Dingell on the Frank Beckman radio show where he spelled it out -- “so we can control the people” He went on further to say that “we are not taking over the insurance companies” but then immediately followed up with “we will control the insurance companies” that the insurance companies were not regulated well enough.

Most of the reasons for the costs of insurance premiums are associated with government controls. As I stated many times before, government writes the rules that either accept or deny claims. They won’t touch tort reform which is shown to be a major cause of higher insurance rates nor work towards the fraud in Medicare estimated to be $80 billion a year.

Dingell told Frank that he was “spreading terror and lies” The only one spreading terror and lies are the democrats in congress by passing a health care bill that the majority of the people against.

Then we have the White House putting on an academy award style show celebrating the theft of the American tax payer’s money and freedoms -- what a spectacle that was -- even Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t control himself dropping the ‘F’ bomb on national TV.
This was the same reason Dingell asked to be on Frank’s show, to sell a plan they already passed knowing how bad it is and how much the people are against it.

Rates for health care are going to continue to rise despite Obama’s promise that he would save us $2,500.00 a year on our premiums and that all people would be covered and costs would come down.
This bill is not about health care but about control the American people. John Dingell finally let it slip out.
This bill will be challenged in many courts over the next several years. Forcing people pay for a service or product they do not want is unconstitutional. It would be the same as government telling you that you must purchase a GM car and if you don’t, you will pay a fine and/or go to jail.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Massachusetts Model

Massachusetts already tried this universal health care plan and it failed on every count. For a family making $31,213, the cheapest plan costs $9,872 in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. For those of lower incomes who previously had free premiums; they cannot afford the out-of-pocket co-pays so they do without.

ObamaCare will cost us:
- $569.2 billion in tax increases (income and capital gains)
- $523.5 billion in Medicare cuts (seniors won’t be able to pay for prescriptions)
- $48 billion additional money for Medicaid
- Your doctor will not be able to decide if you need a test, a bureaucrat will such as Ezekiel Emmanuel who believes that doctors “take the Hippocratic oath too seriously” will decide for you.

Life enhancing devices such pace-makers, stints, artificial limbs even tampons are taxed under this plan.

Screening for breast cancer once every 2 years after the age of 50, many women will die by then.

The Democratic slogan “45,000 people die each year because of the lack of health care” was from a study done at Harvard which suggested that a good portion of those dying was due to the lack of adequate care. What they also found that the Democrats did not tell you was that the reason for this was because of the closing of many hospitals in cities like Detroit, New Orleans and others. These hospitals couldn’t afford to treat the patients on what the government paid them for the care of these people (Medicare). They couldn’t turn them away by law so they were forced to close.

This is what happened in Massachusetts and will happen all over the country under this new health care plan, hospitals and doctors will not be able to afford the pittance the government is willing to pay so they will have to close. Many doctors have stated that they will close their practice rather than lie to their patients or be restricted as to what they believe a particular patient needs in the form of tests, procedures or medications.

The Medicare plan we have right now is good for some, but when we add an additional 30 million to the rolls and cut revenues going to Medicare, what do you think the likely outcome will be?

Take a trip to a local VA hospital someday or ask a veteran that has had to use this service and see what their take is on it, that’ll give you an idea of what kind of “health care” you can look forward to.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We The People, Really?

We can all agree that healthcare reform is needed, but what happened Sunday, and in the weeks leading up to it, was not the solution.

Democrat members of Congress sided with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama over the will of the people. Michigan’s own Democrat Congressional delegation—including Gary Peters, Mark Schauer, John Dingell, John Conyers, Dale Kildee, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Sander Levin and even Bart Stupak—gave in to the pressures of back room deals, steals, promises and turned their backs on the Michigan families they represent.

Because of their vote, Michigan families will no longer be free to make personal decisions about their own healthcare. They will be forced to pick from government approved packages that will be over-seen by 17,000 new IRS agents -- packages Congress decided were not good enough for them.

Because of their vote, for the first time in decades, taxpayers will be asked to fund abortions on demand, including late and partial birth abortions – statistics show this will increase the number of babies killed every year by 40,000.

Because of their vote, our children and grandchildren will be on the hook for the massive deficit the Democrats placed upon them.
Because of their vote, people that are in the their 20’s and 30’s that opt out of health insurance because they rarely use it, will be forced to buy it of face stiff fines.
Those of you out there that supported this bill, did you actually know what was in it? Nancy Pelosi didn’t know and she is the Speaker of the House yet she hadn’t read the bill and had no clue what was in it stating publically “We’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it”
The attitude of personal responsibility has been replaced with “I don’t care who pays for it” so long as I get FREE health care.

Free -- Well we’ll see just how free it is when everything we buy has a huge new price tag, when 700,000 more of us are out of work - when banks stop giving interest on savings accounts – and when doctors start leaving their practices and we have to wait for 3-4 months for cancer surgery like they do in Great Brittan and Canada.

How long will you wait to get involved? How much are you willing to give up?