Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rep. John Dingell

I listened to Rep. John Dingell on the Frank Beckman radio show where he spelled it out -- “so we can control the people” He went on further to say that “we are not taking over the insurance companies” but then immediately followed up with “we will control the insurance companies” that the insurance companies were not regulated well enough.

Most of the reasons for the costs of insurance premiums are associated with government controls. As I stated many times before, government writes the rules that either accept or deny claims. They won’t touch tort reform which is shown to be a major cause of higher insurance rates nor work towards the fraud in Medicare estimated to be $80 billion a year.

Dingell told Frank that he was “spreading terror and lies” The only one spreading terror and lies are the democrats in congress by passing a health care bill that the majority of the people against.

Then we have the White House putting on an academy award style show celebrating the theft of the American tax payer’s money and freedoms -- what a spectacle that was -- even Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t control himself dropping the ‘F’ bomb on national TV.
This was the same reason Dingell asked to be on Frank’s show, to sell a plan they already passed knowing how bad it is and how much the people are against it.

Rates for health care are going to continue to rise despite Obama’s promise that he would save us $2,500.00 a year on our premiums and that all people would be covered and costs would come down.
This bill is not about health care but about control the American people. John Dingell finally let it slip out.
This bill will be challenged in many courts over the next several years. Forcing people pay for a service or product they do not want is unconstitutional. It would be the same as government telling you that you must purchase a GM car and if you don’t, you will pay a fine and/or go to jail.

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