Thursday, March 25, 2010

Medicare to Blue Care

Our pay rate, dollar for dollar is the same as it was in 1998 yet everything else has increased; food, gas, taxes, you name it. The government cannot get enough of our money.

This new health care mandate that people can keep their children on until they are 26 as I see it is nothing more than a transfer of money. The government can force people to buy insurance. They can force insurance companies to cover all regardless of their condition which is a huge relief for the government as they can move people that are disabled from birth and make the insurance companies pay for them rather than add them to Medicare.

This will cause the costs to rise even more and when insurance companies need to raise rates, the government will refuse them and eventually the insurance companies will have to bow out and close their doors.

Once they have their single payer system, all hope is lost. The waiting lines will grow, the number of doctors will diminish and death rates will increase.
Medical device manufacturers would not back the senate plan, the senators said, ok, “we’ll slap a tax on them”. So now every medical device sold is subject to a tax which will add to the costs and again force prices higher.

Some of the people that support this bill use the reasoning that people in the US don’t live as long as people in other countries. This has nothing to do with health care; it has to do with lifestyles, diet and family histories.

There is no need for government to take over another 16% of our economy to preach to us as to what we should eat, drink and our exercise regimen. Insurance companies already offer incentives for healthy lifestyles.

Another daunting thought that enters my mind on a daily basis; my tax dollars are being used to murder babies in the womb.

Government has no business being in the private industry whether it is medical or industrial. Their record is written and in the private world, they rate last.

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