Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Massachusetts Model

Massachusetts already tried this universal health care plan and it failed on every count. For a family making $31,213, the cheapest plan costs $9,872 in premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. For those of lower incomes who previously had free premiums; they cannot afford the out-of-pocket co-pays so they do without.

ObamaCare will cost us:
- $569.2 billion in tax increases (income and capital gains)
- $523.5 billion in Medicare cuts (seniors won’t be able to pay for prescriptions)
- $48 billion additional money for Medicaid
- Your doctor will not be able to decide if you need a test, a bureaucrat will such as Ezekiel Emmanuel who believes that doctors “take the Hippocratic oath too seriously” will decide for you.

Life enhancing devices such pace-makers, stints, artificial limbs even tampons are taxed under this plan.

Screening for breast cancer once every 2 years after the age of 50, many women will die by then.

The Democratic slogan “45,000 people die each year because of the lack of health care” was from a study done at Harvard which suggested that a good portion of those dying was due to the lack of adequate care. What they also found that the Democrats did not tell you was that the reason for this was because of the closing of many hospitals in cities like Detroit, New Orleans and others. These hospitals couldn’t afford to treat the patients on what the government paid them for the care of these people (Medicare). They couldn’t turn them away by law so they were forced to close.

This is what happened in Massachusetts and will happen all over the country under this new health care plan, hospitals and doctors will not be able to afford the pittance the government is willing to pay so they will have to close. Many doctors have stated that they will close their practice rather than lie to their patients or be restricted as to what they believe a particular patient needs in the form of tests, procedures or medications.

The Medicare plan we have right now is good for some, but when we add an additional 30 million to the rolls and cut revenues going to Medicare, what do you think the likely outcome will be?

Take a trip to a local VA hospital someday or ask a veteran that has had to use this service and see what their take is on it, that’ll give you an idea of what kind of “health care” you can look forward to.

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