Monday, March 29, 2010

Searchlight NV

Harry Reid supporters misdirected Tea Party Express gatherers on the way to a rally in Searchlight NV last week.

People holding signs stating that the gathering was here directed Andrew Breitbart a speaker for the event, who was traveling independent of the group, into the wrong parking area.

He was approached by people holding their Support Harry Reid signs and witnessed some of them throwing eggs at the passing Tea Party Express bus.

Later that day, a police officer approached Andrew and told him that the Reid supporters accused him, Andrew of throwing the eggs at the bus.
Fortunately, Andrew’s camera crew had been recording the entire event. They also admitted on camera that they had been mis-directing people on the way to the event down the wrong road for hours.

This event was being held in the desert away from everyone else so as not to disturb the people that supported Mr. Reid yet these same people took it upon themselves to go out of the way to cause trouble and to try and show that the Tea Party movement was resorting to violence.

This will be a common modus operandi for the Democratic Party as they try desperately to break down the Tea Parties before the November elections

Harry Reid was instrumental in buying senators votes to get this 2,700 piece of legislation passed against the will of the people.
Our own senator Carl Levin [D] held out for his own “Corn Husker Kickback” or “Louisiana Purchase” to secure billions in subsidies for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.

Business as usual in DC; doesn’t matter what party it is, they all bow to big money. One thing for sure is, not one republican voted for this massive take-over of our economy hiding it behind a “health care” title.

Do your homework, vet these candidates and see who is and will stand with the people and then cast your vote not only in the November election but also in the primary in August. Groups all over the country hold events to help you become informed, present candidates and help you hear these people speak. All are free. Look for an upcoming event in your area by going to: or or

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