Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cox-Granholm Debate

Governor Granholm stated openly that she wanted AG Mike Cox to withdraw his name from the lawsuit against ObamaCare stating that he “wasn’t representing his client” she was of course referring to herself. The governor is not a “client” of the Attorney’s general office but rather the people of the state are and this is why Mr. Cox filed the suit and why the people of Michigan are supporting Mr. Cox in his attempt to stop the intrusion of the federal government into our freedoms.

Ms. Granholm states that ObamaCare “is good for Michigan” well I look at her track record and have decided anything she thinks is good, we should run, not walk in the other direction.

Her administration has treated businesses in this state like a personal piggy bank raising taxes on businesses at will whenever the funds got low until they drove businesses right out of the state. If you had bullies stealing your milk money on the way to school everyday, you’d find another route to school and that’s what our businesses did and took our jobs with them.

The Granholm administration is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring jobs to our state but every attempt has been a dismal failure, attracting businesses that compete with already established businesses here and giving huge tax breaks to companies like the film industry, who use the breaks once and are gone off to the next state that will pay them to make a movie there.

Instead of trying to attract new businesses here they should have been looking at ways to keep the already proven businesses here in Michigan.

This health care bill will destroy thousands of jobs in the health insurance industry, the medical field, and this will have a devastating effect all across the board especially in Michigan. The democrats have already destroyed our manufacturing base and will soon try to kill the steel and energy industries with the Cap-n-Trade legislation.

I applaud Mike Cox for taking the initiative to protect the people of this state.

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