Thursday, April 15, 2010

Senate Investigative Committee

I received and email from Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mi) informing me of a committee he is forming to investigate the financial crisis. What a joke!

This is like the coyote guarding the hen house!

It was Barney Frank’s committee that was charged to over-see the banking and financial markets but they fell asleep as the contributions to their campaign funds kept growing with donations from Fannie and Freddie.
It was the democratic members of congress that let this happen. They made the rules to allow this to come about and now they want to “investigate” it? Give me a break.

Financial institutions bought huge packages of loans from Freddie and Fannie because the American taxpayer through the federal government insured them, but the democrats let Fannie and Freddie cheat so that the bad loans spread like cancer in our system.

The democrats lied, covered up and killed legislation to protect Freddie and Fannie; their cash cow. McCain, Bush and the republicans tried to stop it over and over again. Bush asked 15 times alone in his last year about the problems at Freddie and Fannie. Maxine Waters and Barney Frank denied any wrong doing all the while knowing that Franklin Raines was criminally cooking the books to line his pockets with millions in bonuses.

This “committee” set up by Sen. Levin is just another bit of political posturing trying to make up some ground from their move against our Constitution and against the will of the people by passing a health care bill that they knew we did not want.

These people have been forthright it telling us that the Constitution meant nothing to them, that they had no concerns over it when writing and passing laws that the Constitution gave them no powers to do.

If Sen. Levin is truly serious about this, lets set up a committee of citizens to investigate this crime against the American people and let the chips fall where they may.

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