Tuesday, April 27, 2010

California v/s McDonalds

As the California legislature is looking into forcing the McDonald’s fast-food chain to drop the toy in the Kid’s Meal package they sell if an effort to curb kids away from fatty foods, I for one would like to know; who are these kids driving themselves to McDonald’s and buying these meals?

McDonald’s has over 450 restaurants in California and each location employs around 60 workers, that’s 27,000 jobs for this state which is a drop in the bucket to the top 6 largest employers in Los Angeles County, all of which are government agencies.
This county alone employs over 95,000, no wonder the state is broke.

Now they are threatening private businesses with socialistic laws. The last thing this state needs or this country for that matter is more laws, specifically laws that will cut more jobs.

The toy may be made out of the country but there are still many jobs along the way that would be eliminated if this toy is removed and what if McDonald’s decided it was no longer in their best interest to do business in California – 27,000 employees’ plus at least that many more that support the restaurants such as food suppliers, cleaning companies and landscaping services.

If these kids are getting too much fat and calories in their diets, I wouldn’t point the finger at McDonald’s as the problem. Maybe we should also outlaw videos games and computers.

If the parents of these kids would grow some stones and set the record straight instead of catering to and coddling them they’d have a better diet outlook and most likely we’d have much more respectable group of children in this world.

Can California afford to lose another 50,000+ jobs?

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