Monday, April 26, 2010

Geoffrey Fieger

I listened to Paul W. Smith on WJR Radio Show this morning as he interviewed Geoffrey Fieger.

Mr. Fieger was on talking about the death of his brother, the singer for the band “The Knack” who had passed away recently after a 6 year battle with cancer, his recent movie about his life and times with Dr. Jack Kevorkian that just aired on HBO over the weekend.

Mr. Fieger then moved the topic to his election as the democratic candidate against then sitting Governor John Engler. Governor Engler won a third term by a landslide.

Mr. Fieger still believes that taxes must be raised in this state, even though we have lost nearly a million residents. Michigan’s annual budget bottom line they must have to stay in business is around $33 billion but for some reason, the legislators in Lansing are working with budget in $47 billion range. This is $14 billion above what is needed to cover operating expenses for the year.

We as citizens and residents of this state have had to take it on the chin and pear down on what we spend. Prices for everything have gone up; food, gas, electricity, insurance and our government still wants to raise taxes. Our salaries, dollar for dollar are what they were in 1998 yet the cost of living has more than doubled.

Mr. Fieger wants to know where the funds will come from if taxes are cut even more. Well, if we lost a million residents, wouldn’t one assume we have fewer expenses now? If was feeding 2 kids and they moved out to be on their own, my costs would certainly go down.

His thinking and his party are what is wrong in this state. The demise of Detroit and some surrounding suburbs comes from the destruction of family values by substituting a welfare check to replace the father in the family and embedding the idea that people are “owed” something.

Nothing is ever free and everybody needs to contribute their part.

Republicans are always accused of supporting the rich while the democrats are support the poor.

My take is that the rich provide jobs to those that want to work while the democrats supply welfare checks for those that don’t.

Liberals always want to give away money as long as it is not their own, that’s why they support Democrats; they take from the middle class to give to the poor while the rich hide behind tax shelters that the democrats create.

They make these rules and laws so complicated that only the rich can afford to hire the accountants and attorneys to navigate through them.

Mr. Fieger also believes that a republican will win the Governor’s race no matter who is running this November, I can only hope he is right on this note.

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