Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin "Teachers" Strike

Back in the spring of 2009, Nancy Pelosi called the Tea Party movement nothing more than Astro-turf; nothing could have been further from the truth. One look at the signs and you could tell who the “Astro-turf” crowd was.

The Organizing for America (OFA) crowd, funded by George Soros and supported by the White House and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is nothing more than an organizing for Obama organization.

This is a well orchestrated protest; the DNC and OFA are bussing in people from all over the country to the Wisconsin capital. Teachers have instructed their students to show up to protest and then when asked why they are there, they students reply “I don’t know, I guess we’re protesting today”

This scene is going to be repeated all across America as state governments struggle to keep their heads above water from rising tides of debt. Governor Scott Walker introduced a budget to protect teachers from being laid off, about 2,000 of them. Included in this budget is a plan for teachers to pay part (5%) of their health care costs and to contribute to their retirement fund.

Workers in the private sector have been paying a portion if not all of their health insurance costs and also to their retirement funds, the teachers don’t want any part of this. They want this governor’s to raise taxes so that the rest of us will continue to pay their part.

Obama, the DNC, Organizing for America and George Soros want this country in turmoil, the want the system (capitalism and free markets) to collapse so they can rebuild it the way they see fit and spread the wealth around and destroy capitalism. George Soros has already done this to several countries, that’s how he makes his money; betting that the currency will collapse and then investing his money towards that goal. He was convicted of insider trading in France and banned from investing in Great Brittan for this very reason.

On every level this man is trying his hardest to collapse the dollar, through his Tide’s Foundation, his Open Society Foundation, Organizing for America,, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Center for American Progress and these are just a few on his list.

Teachers and public union workers need to recognize that the rest of us can no longer afford to pay for their lavish benefits just as was witnessed in the private sector when the UAW drove the auto companies into the dirt.
In 1945, 37% of the American workforce was unionized, the union bosses repeatedly told the workers they should vote the democratic ticket because they support the poor and they will save your jobs.

Today that number is less than 12%. Just look at Detroit, the Motor City capital of the world has been rusted away by democratic rule. John Dingell and John Conyers are the major contributors to this decline.

So when we go back to the polls next year, remember who is stopping the progress in this nation and who is hell-bent on destroying our way of life.

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