Thursday, August 23, 2012

The 2 John's from Michigan

The two John’s from Michigan; John Dingell and John Conyers.

Dingell serving over 54 years and Conyers over 45 years represent all that is wrong in politics.

Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves watching what is happening to this country.

Dingell has never had a paycheck from a private company; he has been on the government payroll since 1955, he took over his father’s job.

Conyers has been there since 1965 and is the congressman that when asked if he would read the helthcare biil stated; stated, he would need “two attorneys’ and a week to get through it” Isn’t this his job? To represent the people and protect us from bills like these?

Let’s just take a look at how Michigan has fared under this democratic “leadership”

In 1948 Republicans had controlled both U.S. Senate seats from Michigan, held all statewide elected offices, and enjoyed a 95-5 majority in the state House and a 28-4 majority in the Senate.

In 1955 Michigan's per capita income was 16 percent above the U.S. average—among the highest in the world—and by 1960 the state had perhaps the world's broadest middle class. Michigan economy was ranked 8th in the nation.

By 1959 Democrats held U.S. Senate seats, all statewide partisan offices, 12 of the 34 state Senate seats, and 55 of the House's 110 seats, and continued to grow.

Michigan has been dominated by democratic US senators for the last 60 years.

Fast forward to 2010, under the democratic leadership, Michigan is now ranked 41st economically and we have the highest unemployment rate in the country. The Democratic Party likes to say that they stand up for the poor and working class, yet is was the democrats that fought civil rights in the 60’s, used hate and racist tactics such as the KKK to undermine the movement. I

t was President Lincoln, a republican who abolished slavery. The democrats are the party of choice for union leaders even if the membership does not agree. The union leadership donates millions of dollars of member’s dues to the Democratic Party, regardless of what the membership tells them. This is not representation of the working class; this is representation of the rich union leaders.

Obama has lied to the American people in his efforts to “transform” our republic into a socialist government.

This is a flawed governing style and has failed economically in every instance it was tried.

Obama is a member of the New Party, an organization of socialist street organizers intent on stealing tax money from those in the suburbs to give to the poor in the inner cities through a program known as Regional Tax Sharing. Look for this and anything with the word “regional” attached to it to surface in the coming months. This is where reparations come into full swing.

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