Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Door Jenny

Last night I attended a meeting where the keynote speaker was Matthew Schneider, the president of the Michigan chapter of the Federalist Society and a constitutional college professor. He gave a presentation on about whom the candidates in the upcoming November election are and how they stand constitutionally speaking and what their backgrounds are.

It was very informative.

He also made note of the difference between a “rule of law judge” and a “judge activist” An activist judge rules based on how they feel on a particular issue while a rule of law judge rules based on the law and nothing else.

Activist judges believe they can circumvent the legislature and “make” law based on their decisions. This is not an acceptable option. The basis of our laws were written by our fore fathers who took many years to make sure they got them right and to make sure they could not be mis-read.

All judges up in the 1960’s were constitutional non-partisan rule of law judges and then something began to change, this was about the same time the Democratic Party started it’s crawl towards a European style socialist government.

The part of his presentation I really got an eyeful was the back door deal our Governor Jennifer Granholm pulled off.

Elizabeth Weaver a republican turned moderate-turned liberal judge decided she was ready to retire (we can only assume, she has not let anyone know why). So in order to make sure the seat stayed filled with a judge activist; she made a deal with Back Door Jenny. Elizabeth would step down so long as Jenny would replace her with a “like-minded” judge such as Alton Davis, another judge from northern Michigan who liked to write laws based on his decisions.

Why you might ask does this guarantee the seat for an activist judge?

Seems that most people going to vote who are unaware of whom the judges are will vote for the incumbent 20% more often than not. This is pretty good odds knowing that they will get an additional 20% of the votes based solely on the fact that they are incumbents.
So by Back Door Jenny placing this man in the position just two days before the Democratic Convention and then having the democratic delegates seat him, he is an incumbent.

Ms. Granholm, John Conyers, John Dingell, Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers and the Democratic Party in general has certainly left their marks on this state in so many ways, from the ruins of Detroit to the million people who have left this state in search of work and the American Dream.

I wonder if Back Door Jenny is done or if she’s got one more up her ass to pull out before she’s gone.

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