Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Man protests high unemployment

A man from Ann Arbor crawled up on top of the Washtenaw County building to protest high unemployment.

Bill Riney who made an unsuccessful run as a democratic legislator for the 54th District in Michigan decided he need to make a statement, so he crawled up onto the Country building and spent the night.

Reading over the story on www.AnnArbor.com what a lot of commenter’s on the post missed is that while the people know that unemployment is a huge problem, the mainstream media throws it off as a “bother” to them.

If the media hammered this home and the fact that the democrats in DC and Lansing are killing our economy, then people like Riney would not have to climb a building in protest.

Obama spent $800 billion of our tax dollars with the promise unemployment would not exceed 8%, that flopped and now he wants to spend another $200 billion for the same thing.

This crawl to socialism was also a flop. Since the 40’s, democrats and the leftists elite’s have been moving steadily towards this goal and now it’s coming up to bite them in the ass.

While other countries like Great Brittan and Canada are trying to get out of tax funded government entitlement programs such as health care, the elitists in this country are trying to move towards it.

Government cannot stimulate jobs by spending more of our tax dollars and crippling small business owners. The best thing the Obama administration can do right now is to get out of the way and do nothing. The private businesses will grow the economy if they are allowed to do so.


  1. So your solution is, do nothing and things will fix themselves.

    If the markets alone could resolve this,it would not have happened in the first place.

    Business does whats cheap and has cheapened it's way into fewer customers.

    We know business will not regulate it's self.

    We need to bring our exported jobs back.

    The Bush tax cuts were meant to create more jobs.

    All business did was export more jobs at greater profit.

    Business loves the protection of America,they just don't like to pay for it.

    Nether party has offered any real plan to bring jobs back.

    Any business not willing to invest,operate and produce here,should not be selling here.

  2. The market WILL fix itself if government stops telling them how to run their business what they can and cannot sell or do. The main reason jobs left the country was because of government controls and ridiculous trade practices enacted by those who in congress that never ran anything, nor collected a check from a private corporation.
    In order for businesses to profit, I agree that balancing trade has to happen and the only way to accomplish this is for government to get out of it. If they try to loosen the laws, they'll only make it worse.