Monday, October 25, 2010


Wasn’t TARP supposed to be used to buy up bad loans on homes to save the banks?
Isn’t it still true that all of us taxpayers are still on the hook for more than $400 million for the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Just who decided the Federal Government should be in the home mortgage business anyway?

And who thought it was a good idea to put a private bank (The Federal Reserve) in charge of our economy?

Why did this Federal Reserve keep interests rates so low when the housing bubble continued to grow?

Obama likes to blame republicans and Bush but wasn’t he pushing for low interests rates so “poor people” could afford new homes through his connections at ACORN?

Acorn the community organization that forced our government to loan to people that could not afford a home. ACORN that told a pimp and a prostitute how to get more money from our government and how to claim child prostitutes as “dependants” for tax purposes.

If the stimulus money was supposed to stimulate private sector jobs, why is 90% of the money being spent everywhere but the private sector?

When government bailed out Chrysler and GM, it didn’t bailout the owners of these companies or the bond holders and the people that made it possible for these companies to exist, it bailed out the UAW.

Why is it that the stimulus money that went to the states went to pay union pensions and benefits and to save public union jobs?

Why did Obama give billions to Mexico and Brazil for further off-shore drilling off their coasts when he won’t allow it here? Does he think that a spill off the Mexican or South American border won’t do any damage here?

Why is it that Obama and his cronies continue to push us towards a socialistic state when socialist countries like Greece, France, Russia, Great Brittan and now even China have moved to free market capitalism to expand and benefit their economical system like no other plan can?

We also know that the Democrats are not solely to blame for this. We will remove the rest of those who follow the self righteous path to wealth at the taxpayers’ expense in 2012.

We are slowly working towards a libertarian style of government, just as the democrats slowly moved towards Marxism.

All you politicians’ are on notice. If you vote to increase spending or the size of government, you should probably start looking for a new line of work.

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