Friday, November 5, 2010

We've Been Had

George Soros has been banned from trading in Russia because he de-valued their currency by 20%. He broke the bank of England through his financial moves focused on breaking the “nation” and has turned his sights on the US.

He adopted Barack Obama and helped him break the Clinton political machine by announcing he was backing Obama and not Hillary. Soros’s oil company has been drilling off the coast of Brazil to which Obama granted $3 billion of US tax dollars to help Brazil “develop off-shore drilling”.

Obama also closed drilling on our southern shore and the Gulf for 6 months because of a leaky oil well knowing full aware that this would drive most oil rigs out of the area and would allow Soros’s company to increase profits.

If you read any book in the next few years, make it “We’ve Been Had” by James R. Keena. It is available through any online book store such as Amazon.

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