Friday, April 22, 2011

Raising the SS Retirement Age -- Why?

No matter how the politicians in DC try to spin the Social Security problem, it like most of the other economic problems in this country, originated with them.

SS will run out of funds with the current funding options. Medicare is out of money and the reason is politicians decided to use the money for “other projects” This was an easy move for them because they are not on the same system we are. They found that it wasn’t lucrative enough to satisfy their greedy needs in coverage and lifestyles.

Instead of reducing the amount DC spends on pet projects, foreign aid, military actions, unwarranted environmental concerns and funding departments that do nothing or serve no practical purpose, they decided to raise the retirement age that a lot of us worked most of our lives towards.

A lot of things are going on in DC right now because of the economic depression we have been in and there is no one else to blame for this other than the government for this happening.

We paid in trillions of dollars to fund these bureaucrats and they in return did nothing for us. When the Wall Street crew got greedy, instead of Barney Frank cracking the whip, he held his hand out and got it greased and then turned around and stated, “that all is fine at Fannie and Freddie” all the while knowing that Franklin Raines and his crew were cooking the books.

Not one of these people whose job it was to oversee these agencies were fired, jailed, or fined.

So, with this battling over the debt ceiling, cutting spending, reducing the budget, I would think that one of the top things on this list should be securing SS and Medicare benefits.

Putting them in an account that is off-limits to all politicians, that the funds can only be used for their intended purpose and to make sure the stay that way, all those in congress must use the same system as the general public, including years served against amounts paid in.

Lets make it a law punishable by long jail terms for anyone suggesting or trying to alter the funds to be used for other purposes

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