Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of US Politics

I cannot believe the state of politics in this country. We, the people, sat by helplessly while Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama rammed bills into law by buying votes from congressmen and senators, some examples are the “Cornhusker Kickback” the “Louisiana Purchase” and even one of my senators Sen. Carl Levin got his hands dirty for the insurance companies here in Michigan. A quick Google search will bring these up in detail.

The people spoke loud and clear in the 2010 elections showing congress and the world that we were fed up with these kind of shenanigans and the out of control spending.

Now I sit back and watch as the republican house speaker, John Boehner is pulling the same crap that Pelosi did, twisting arms and making back door deals to get a bill passed that does not cut spending, does not lower the debt ceiling and does not address the growing problem of entitlements.

The republicans have put forth 3 budget proposals in the last year, while the democrats have not put forth a single one, even when they had full control of the house, senate and the White House. Obama put one forward but every single democrat and republican voted against it.

These people (congress) are stealing our money right in front of our eyes and the majority of the people are too stupid to realize it. They sit back watching reality shows, sports or playing video games believing that all is fine in their world so long as they can have these few distractions. The people of Greece thought the same way and now their world has come crashing down. The same has happened in Great Britain.

The governments of those countries have spent them into oblivion and they cannot pay it out anymore and the people are rioting in the streets. This will be coming to a street corner near in a city near you if you don’t wake up and I mean TODAY!

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