Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Reality of a Balanced Budget Amendment

I find it extraordinarily moronic that we need to pass a constitutional amendment to get our government officials to work within a budget.

This is a no-brainer for each and every citizen of this country with a 5th grade education or higher but for some reason those with a law degree think they can work “outside the box” and somehow make it happen without one.

The economy is going down for the third time, yet lawmakers in DC see this as an opportunity to make the other side look bad either by raising taxes and spending or not raising taxes and spending. One thing is for sure; doing the same thing over again and again is insanity and there seems to be no shortage of this in the DC beltway.

It’s as simple as the nose on your face for all the rest of the country, but the politicians feel they need to look down upon us and explain that it’s “not that simple” that there are other things to take into consideration, such as who supports them with campaign funds for re-election or which bill they need to vote “for” in order get another politician to vote for a bill they favor.

The only people holding true to what they were elected to do are those birthed from the Tea Party, those who don’t care if they are re-elected, who won’t take a bribe, those that will not only have to explain to their family members but also to the citizens that helped them get elected once they return home.

Going against the tea party is a tough fight as Sen. Harry Reid found out in his re-election bid in 2010. Oil Can Harry had to raise millions to defeat the tea party favorite and Harry had to get contributions from outside his state as there wasn’t enough “local” support for him. Then he had to spend every dime of it to beat Sharon Angle. This so upset Oil Can that he can’t utter a sentence publicly without taking a swing at the tea party.

I write this blog to vent my frustration as I live in a state with two mindless Democratic senators who take months to answer emails; letters or phone calls if they answer at all.

We’re looking at taking one of them out in 2012, Debbie Stabenow, aka Debbie Stab-n-the-back. She is a useless tool, generally voting strictly along party lines, never doing the research to see what the effects her actions will befall our state.

When she does answer a letter (her aide) she gives her stance and why she favors it. She doesn’t care what her constituents favor, only what her party favors. She is not a representative of the people; she is a dictator to the people.

If congress cannot stop their spending ways, then we the people must put a shock collar on them, if they cannot work within a budget, which they have proven they cannot, then they no longer need to work for us.

Because of the way our political system is structured, we will apparently have to pass a balanced budget amendment or this economic disaster may happen again.

John Boehner has done all that he can in the recent months. He needs to step out of the way and let these mentally incompetent democrats do themselves in.

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