Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tea Party Won?

A Detroit News column from today (8/2/2011) annouced “Stop griping on the debt deal tea party, you won”

Who won?

Nobody won.

What happened was, we allowed the largest even debt ceiling increase in history ($2.4 trillion). The Republicans settled for "future cuts" 5 years down the road, which is business as usual from the DC elite.

I don’t want cuts down the road, this is business as usual for the DC elite, I want cuts NOW!... TODAY!

I want to see federal government workers walking out with a cardboard box and a pink slip.

Oil Can Harry is at this minute working on who to put on this debt reduction panel and who he can trick or bribe the republicans to put on it. RINO's like McCain, Lindsey and Collins that will vote FOR tax increases.

John Boenher for the second time this year had his ass handed to him and he still thinks he did well and so does a lot of the other republican congressmen who voted for this POS bill. The only people that stood strong against this was the tea party members in the house.

We've been screwed again while the GOP country club types and talking heads such as Bill Bennett are trying to sell this as a good compromise... compromise my ASS!

There is so much waste in this system and the only idea the democrats can come up with is to take more from us, raise our taxes and to hit up the rich for more.

It’s much easier than doing some actual work that will cut out programs that allow funds to go to a student to pay his tuition ($22,000) a year plus a stipend for food ($1,000) a month and ($450) a month for rent and after 3 years he can’t speak proper English, carries a D average and uses his rent money on illegal drugs to party with.

Studies have shown that there is somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 billion a year in Medcare fraud. Why are they not tracking this down?

We need people to do the work in DC to restore this country to what it once was, not to vacation, golf, travel, eat and drink on our dime.

I saw a quote from Warren Buffett. He said he could end the debt problem immediately. “Anytime the deficit reached 3% of GDP, all congressman and senators become ineligiable for re-election.

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