Monday, August 8, 2011

Tea Party Down-Grade

The democrats and some republicans are looking to put the blame on anyone but themselves for the downgrading of our countries AAA credit rating when the blame lies squarely on them.

The Tea Party from its inception has been harping that we need to cut the debt, cut spending and in turn, cut the size of the federal government.

Standard and Poor’s explanation for the down-grade was the result of the government’s failure to cut spending. They feel the cuts were not deep enough and no plan was shown to curb spending.
Standard and Poor’s even warned that if the debt wasn’t cut by $4 trillion, they would down-grade America’s credit rating.

Here’s another way to look at it so you can understand what this latest plan did:
A family making $58,000 spends $75,000 a year and has a credit card debt of $325,000. The new plan is that the family will now only spend $72,000 a year. Makes a big difference doesn’t it?

Here comes Obama, the democrats and a few RINO’s calling the credit rating drop as “the tea party down-grade” This is one messed up political machine we have running right now. How can anyone make the connection that the tea party is to blame for this? Governemnt officials did exactly the opposite of what the tea party wanted, which by the way was the same thing Standard & Poor's suggestions were to avoid this down-grade, yet here we have democrats proclaiming that it is the tea party's fault.

Why is he not attacking the tariffs imposed on our exports to China and Mexico? Mexico taxes our companies 17% to sell a product in their country and China charges us 19%, yet we charge them nothing to sell their goods here.

Obama, in today’s speech, tells us he can't find anywhere to cut spending. I have a few suggestions for him, starting with the Dept. of Education, The Federal Reserve and the repeal of ObamaCare just to get started and these will save us trillions almost immediately.

The republicans are always accused to catering to the rich while the democrats cater to the poor. The democrats what to keep the poor -- poor so that they will not have to pay taxes and in turn, will keep voting for democrats.

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