Friday, June 4, 2010

Baseball and Politics

With all that is wrong in our country; Obama lying about the jobs he offered Sestak and Romanoff to bow out of the political races they were in, our freedoms being stripped daily by law makers in Lansing and DC, oil gushing out of the ocean floor, the national debt soaring out of sight and our taxes about to jump up again, you’d think the likes of Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Rep. John Dingell would have enough to do rather than get involved in possibly passing legislation to over-ride a bad call in a baseball game.

Yet here they are twitting, tweeting and grandstanding about what can they do to correct this grave misdeed. The fact is that the no-hitter Armando Galarraga threw but was taken away by a bad call by umpire Jim Joyce will be remembered much longer than if the game had gone off without this call. Both of these gentlemen acted graciously to each other and were apologetic, showing real class and excellent sportsmanship.

These politicians are looking for any crumb they can use to show us that they are now “the good guys” after Granholm and the democrats of this state have destroyed Detroit and the automakers.

Dingell has never held a real job. He graduated from college and went right to work with his father who was the US Representative in the same district for many years, once he retired, John slipped right in with same last name and has been trying to get some form of health care passed ever since, regardless of what was in it. Nobody really knew because so many wrote it but none of them took the time to actually read all of it.

Debbie Stabenow has done her fair share of damage, voting solidly along party lines answering the call to socialism. She wants to abolish the first amendment. She does not like talk radio seeing the only ones that can actually draw a crowd are the conservative stations.

Talk America (whom her husband was a large investor) could never make a go of it mainly because people can only put up with so much hatred and anger without any facts to back it up. They get tired of the lies and twisting of the stories that the far left spew in an effort to hide their own insecurities.

Jenny “No Jobs” Granholm had good intentions but went to the dark side and fell into the trance of the far-left. The world would be a better place if we could get by on wind and solar power alone, but that technology is a long way off and we need fossil fuels now to keep the economy rolling. Taxing our manufacturing base until they left the state and took our jobs with them was not a good move.

In 5 years, we were blown away along with all of our jobs, over 1 million of them.

Obama says he take full responsibility for the BP Oil spill in the Gulf but never misses a chance to blame everyone else. He is demonizing oil companies; he just does not realize how much they contribute to our economy, the jobs and wealth they bring to our southern states in the form of jobs and tax revenues.

Obama stated that his AG Eric Holder “looked into” the job offers to Sestak and Romanoff and that they were “nothing there” that everything was legal.
This would be the same as a defense attorney walking into court and telling the judge that his client is innocent and the judge saying “OK, case dismissed then”

We need politicians that step up and take real responsibility for their actions as Jim Joyce did and not blow it off like so many in the current administration do.

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