Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Oil Inc.

Obama again shows where his alliance lies with his refusal to do what the people want.

He refused to accept help from the Dutch just 3 days into the disaster that is devastating the environment and economy on our southern coast. The offer could have saved massive amounts of damage caused by the leaking oil.
He refused to buy the hundreds of miles of fire boom from a Texas company that could have burned off a good portion of the oil before it hit the coast and damaged the wildlife.

Now, just this week, he refuses to use foreign ships to aid in blocking the spread of the oil.

His reasons? He’s trying to walk a thin line with the environmentalists by not burning the oil that will cause air pollution adding to the damage already being done by the leak.

In the case of refusing the use foreign ships; labor unions won’t let him.

BP does not want to seal the leak. They are still carting off millions of barrels of oil from it every day. They need the cash as the Obama administration continues to scold them and attack BP’s bank accounts.

Obama cannot see the big picture here. Letting this oil continue to spread will cause a worldwide disaster. The currents in the Atlantic could carry the oil all up the eastern sea board and even into Europe.

This administration has put a moratorium on off-shore oil extraction for 6 months which will further destroy the economy especially in Texas and Louisiana, this is ludicrous! It just shows that he or no one in his cabinet has a clue as what to do here. Their lack of business sense and management experience is causing us more than money. Instead of making informed decisions, he continues to politicize this disaster.

He needs to quit waggling his finger and lift it instead to help stop this catastrophe or get out of the way and let those that know what they are doing get it done.

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