Friday, June 25, 2010

Government Scams

With Obama pointing the finger at BP for the oil spill, stealing money from them through extortion to pay for lost wages he himself caused by placing a moratorium on off-shore drilling, nowhere is the mention that BP followed exactly what the governments action plan was in the case of a spill in this deep of water, which was the oil would never make it to shore that it would dissipate or be absorbed by the ocean.

This was our governments own rules that BP had to abide by in order to get the leases to allow them to drill there. I in no way are releasing BP from their responsibilities, it’s their spill, they’re mess they should clean it up but they should not be held accountable for lost wages through no fault of their own.

Through the Community Reinvestment Act, banks and financial institutions were forced by government regulations to lower lending requirements so that people that normally could not afford a home because of wage limits or poor credit history would be able to secure a loan for a home whether they could afford the payments or not. This led to a sea of “creative financing” that is directly responsible for the current world wide depression we are now in.

The people responsible for over-seeing these organizations (Fannie & Freddie) and protecting our tax dollars which funded this scam; Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Franklin Raines just to name a few are the ones running as fast as they can from it all the while pointing fingers anywhere else to take the spot-light off them.

Everything government touches with the exception of the military crashes eventually and now Obama is seeing to it that the military is also part of this equation with the removal of yet another critic of his policies.

Obama has yet to appoint anyone to his cabinet that rides the center of the fence politically or for that matter shows some conservative values. Everyone he appoints is as far left as he can find. His call for bipartisanship is as shallow as his promise to lower taxes and health care costs to his bid for lowering the deficit that he has himself quadrupled. Straight up, flat out lies.

As has been said over and over again; government cannot fix the problem when government is the problem.

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