Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Logic

There must be a simply logical reason why Obama won’t let Arizona secure its borders or protect its citizens, right?

Or why he won’t let Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana clean up the spill along the beaches of his state.

Gov. Jindal brought a lawsuit against the federal government after they put a moratorium on off-shore drilling because of the spill in the Gulf. A judge in Louisiana over-ruled the moratorium, but the Obama administration said that they will file another suit effectively creating a “de-fact-o moratorium” and costing the state 20,000 more jobs.

Obama, with his health care bill has brought about lawsuits is 15 states so far because it is unconstitutional.

He mandates that any state that receives stimulus money (our own money) must erect signs over road projects stating that this “Project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act." Not one single job has been created by these signs. This is tax payer dollars being wasted by a mandate so that Obama can self-promote. It’s costing taxpayers $20 million for these signs, $650,000 in Illinois alone.

Obama’s DOJ and Eric Holder decided not to prosecute the New Black Panther Party members who threatened voters at the polls in 2008. One of them King Samir Shabazz spoke out to the Philadelphia Inquirer

"I'm about the total destruction of white people. I'm about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy... The only thing the cracker understands is violence... The only thing the cracker understands is gunpowder. You got to take violence to violence."

A documentary shot by National Geographic in 2009 shows King Samir Shabazz spewing his hatred stating "You want freedom? You're gonna have to kill some crackers! You're gonna have to kill some of their babies!"

This is the goal of the Obama administration; to destroy our way of life. In every situation Obama has gone against the will of the people. In November we will have a chance to speak to him loudly and clearly at the polls.

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