Thursday, July 29, 2010

How the Democrats Support the Poor

As I have previously written, you need to look no further than the city of Detroit to see how the Democratic Party has “taken care of the poor”

The plight of Detroit is a perfect example of what a socialist system does to the poor. It rewards those at the bottom by allowing them to squeak by on a meager existence by giving them a monthly check which amounts to the same pay they would make at a minimum wage job after taxes, food and shelter. The government takes care of the food portion for them by way of the bridge card (food stamp program) they get free health care at any emergency room, their heat and electricity are paid for by programs such as MPSC Assistance Program, People Care program and the State Emergency Relief just to name a few and rent is dirt cheap in the city.

All of these programs have one thing in common; they are paid for by our tax dollars.

These politicians have driven the life out of the city, they are constantly trying to bring it back with more of our tax dollars being spent on improvement projects, entitlement programs, jobs bills but none of these work. The only thing that will revive the city is free market capitalism.

If a young professional who works in the city wants to move downtown figuring they’ll be closer to work, there are many nice places to live along the riverfront. However, if that person wants to go buy groceries, shop for clothing, hardware and such, they have to leave the city. The crime in the inner city has driven all of these types of business out.

Neighborhood revitalization will only take place after the city has been scrubbed of crime both on the streets and in city hall.

Crooked politicians like Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers and Coleman Young have left a bad taste in the mouth of so many. Kwame’s mother Carolyn ‘Cheek’ Kilpatrick, John Conyers, Monica’s husband are among the many that perpetuate this situation.

The jobs in Detroit are becoming non-existent and one of the problems adding to this is illegal immigrants. Michigan is a border state and has rated politicians in our state on how they stand on enforcing our borders to protect our economy, jobs and ultimately its citizens.

Looking over the list of grades given by NumbersUSA for politicians that support protecting our border, we find the bottom 6 US representatives from Michigan are all democrats and all but one represent the Detroit area the only exception is Dale Kildee who hails from Flint. Dale scored a solid D, Sander Levin scored a D-, the two John’s; Conyers and Dingell scored an F and Carolyn “Cheeks” Kilpatrick and Carl Levin scored an F-

People in suburbs are fed up with Detroit. When the people of the city re-elected Kwame even after knowing his crimes, the people in the burbs were greatly disappointed and many washed their hands of the city. A city council member was recorded on camera’s slamming his fist on a table at a council meeting demanding that because the city of “Detroit has an 88% minority rate; 88% of the casino employee’s then should be minorities”. The people in suburbs said “OK, we’ll stay of the casino’s then and see what kind of money they make with just minorities gambling in them” hence the casino’s are now looking at bankruptcy.

The city of Detroit supplies water to most of the suburbs but no one from the ‘burbs’ is allowed on the board that oversees it. I know first-hand how city services work. If you’ve got $50, you can get someone with a tool to turn the water back on if it was shut off for non-payment and it could be years before they find out and if at all. Trash pick-up works the same way; if you own a business, you are required to dump most of your refuse into a rented dumpster, but if you contact the city trash collectors as they go through your alleyway, they’ll take all the trash you have for a $20 bill.

Detroit is probably the most segregated city in the nation. Until the residents become aware of what is really happening in their city and top electing crooks, I’m afraid it will only get worse until Detroit eventually mowed down for farm land and then we’ll have to start all over again.

This is how the democrats support the poor, yet the people still vote for these blood-suckers.

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