Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Enough of the nanny state crap and these entitlement programs that the democrats have pushed into our society. They have effectively removed the father from the home and replaced him with a welfare check. Jimmy Carters entitlement programs have destroyed major cities such as Detroit with his policies. Once the family is gone so are all the moralities that went along with it.

Does anyone think we are better off now than we were back in the 50’s and 60’s when you could trust your neighbor and leave your doors unlocked and children were respectful of their elders calling them Sir and Ma’am?

The democrats have taken the paddle out of the parents and teachers hands and made the father a passing figure by entitling single mother’s to a paycheck. Some of these women have made a career out of this lifestyle; if they want a raise, they have another baby. They toss “daddy” to the curb because they no longer need his support but the ones that suffer initially are the children. In the long run we as a society also suffer the consequences of these policies.

Amnesty for illegal aliens will only perpetuate this situation. The democrats are telling us that “people cannot be “illegal’s” that by using such a term we are degrading them. Calling people that illegally enter this country is exactly what they are illegal’s. So by the democrats thought process; are aborted babies then not human?

Obama and his clan of misguided, misinformed and inexperienced followers are spending time, energy and our tax dollars on fighting laws like the one Arizona passed… instead of seeing what happens when this law is enacted, they are fighting it tooth and nail to stop it before it takes effect. They are not interested in the results that will most likely result from the outcome as they are sure it will show that a drop in illegal’s in Arizona will lift the state wide economy and drastically slow the drug and human trafficking.

This does not bode well for a group that is in dire need of votes come 2012 and who do you think these illegal’s will cast a vote for? The people that offer them a study program to citizenship through hard work like every other immigrant did over the last 150 years or the guy that gives them everything for free. The democrats know they will reap the votes from this group of immigrants but they most likely won’t be eligible to vote by 2012 and that is unacceptable by the liberal democrats.

Obama’s arrogance will be his undoing by pressing this lawsuit against Arizona and his blatant attempt to destroy the oil industry. He and his cronies are paddling upstream against the current by fighting the will of the American people. They are pushing and pushing for more government control of the free market system that has served us well for over 200 years.

They keep digging in deeper by moving in these directions rather than finding solutions to things the American people are seeking such as bolstering the economy and taking steps to create jobs.

This again goes against all that they hold sacred because in order to create jobs, government has to get out of the way and let the free market work. This current administration has no clue of how to handle anything. Not one of them has ever had a job that wasn’t taxpayer subsidized. None of them has run a successful corporation or business, none of them has had any military experience and none of them have the experience to handle a crisis such as the Gulf Oil Spill or to protect our borders.
The problem is not with Obama; the problem is with the people that were suckered in to voting for this charlatan. The dummying down of the American public’s view of politics aided by a press that has also drank the Kool-Aid by not reporting the truth is leading the people astray.

If your one of those that wait until Election Day to decide who you are going to vote for or vote for them because you saw the name on a sign on the way to the polls or because it’s easy to pronounce, you my friend, are the problem.

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