Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the jobs go?

Obama is blaming the republicans for blocking passage of yet another unemployment extension. The unemployed don’t want hand-outs they want jobs. We’ve spent $1 trillion on jobs stimulus, with the promise that unemployment would not exceed 8% yet here we are at 10%.

The ruling class (democrats) the very people that are now asking where the jobs are, can’t figure out where the jobs went to.
They can’t find them because they are the ones that destroyed them with their tax plans and the destruction of the private sector businesses such as the auto industry, oil industry and the health care industry.

Obama won’t allow the oil companies to drill, he won’t allow loggers to cut and he won’t allow new power plants to be built. These all equal = jobs lost.

He spent all this money on stimulus and yet they are not creating jobs. He did create 300 jobs here in Michigan producing batteries for electric cars and it only cost us $502,000 per job to create! I think he should have given the half million to these 300 people and had then open a business with the money so they could hire a few people.

We’re at 99 weeks of unemployment extensions. The average time for the economy to rebound is generally 8 months if we do nothing. Obama’s policies are not “stimulating” the economy they are doing just the opposite. The democrats have been in power since 2006 and have been forcing their tax and spend policies since then and this is the result.

One republican senator said it best when he stated “why don’t we just put everyone on the payroll and call it a day”

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