Friday, June 11, 2010

What Part of NO Taxes Do They Not Understand?

Lawmakers in Lansing in the House Tax Committee are taking up four bills (HB 6217-20) that will expand sales tax to a number of items currently exempted such as: newspapers, movies, magazines and food items sold in vending machines.

They estimate that the revenue from this tax will be $40 to $55 million.
These officials that cannot say NO to a pay raise for state union workers during a budget crisis yet the show up with some huge stones to ask struggling tax payers and small businesses for more money.

The raise they gave these union workers will cost us $83 million, so apparently they cannot do the math as this will still leave us in the hole.

We are already taxed more than 46 other states in the union and the time has come to “adjust” a few things. Maybe it is time for a Constitutional Convention in Michigan so we can return the legislature to a part-time status; we know they won’t vote this measure in for themselves.

Call or write your representative and let him or her know how you feel about this and how you will vote in November if these bills pass.

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