Friday, May 21, 2010

Calerdon's Mexico

I sat and watched as the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon criticized the US and blamed us for all that is wrong in his country. He attacked our 2nd amendment blaming it for 80% of the guns in Mexico. He blamed the people addicted to drugs here for causing the drug traffic on the Mexican border and causing the violence and deaths. He stated that Arizona’s immigration law would lead to racial profiling and that it "ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree."

The democratic members of congress stood up and cheered, and gave this little puke a standing ovation.

I never thought I would see the day that a foreign dictator would come onto American soil and reprimand us and be supported by so many obviously neutered liberal politicians.

Calderon of course did not mention that his country has its roots under his leadership in socialism that is again just another example of how it does not work. He did not mention the fact that his people that come to our country and use our resources such as; free health care, food stamps and welfare send back hundreds of millions of untaxed dollars a year to Mexico making it the second largest revenue producing industry in Mexico.

While there may be some truth to Calderon’s statements, if his country had a style of government that promoted business and jobs, maybe the people would be more likely to stay and help grow their country.

As many as one million a year escape the blight the Mexican government has produced and they account for 31% of all immigrants in the US and that reflect 10% of the Mexican population. It must give Calderon a warm fuzzy feeling to know that 10% of the people born in his country leave it.

Calderon also did not mention that fact that under Mexico’s immigration laws, you go to jail if you are found to be there illegally, up to 10 years in some cases.

If it were not for the cash these immigrants send back to support their families, you can bet he’d make it illegal for Mexican’s to cross the border.

Maybe the US should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws, but it doesn’t matter if the federal government will not enforce it as has been the case all along and the reason Arizona had to pass their law to protect its citizens.

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