Thursday, May 13, 2010

LA City Council

I find it fascinating that the city council members in Los Angeles passed a vote to boycott any business they do with Arizona. Most of this was called symbolic by the mainstream press because it will have little effect on Arizona as LA does very little business with AZ.

All this over the fact that the people or AZ are over-run by illegal immigrants that are destroying the state financially.

Arizonans fork out nearly $1.3 billion annually to pay for all of the costs incurred from illegal immigration; around $810 million for education, $400 million for health care related expenses, $80 million in incarceration costs, and the remainder in welfare benefits. All of this is required while Arizona runs a $500 million deficit annually and these are figures from 2004. They estimate that every year the number of illegal’s increase by 500,000.

There is a need for some unskilled labor in the US but not at this rate. Our country is being sold out by the liberals by destroying our manufacturing, garment and energy industries.

We have become of country where in order to make a decent wage; you have to be a highly skilled worker; such as a doctor, engineer, chemist, etc.

Arizona and Gov. Brewer are doing exactly what they are supposed to do; protect their citizens and their way of life. The federal government won’t do it. The law has been around for a long time but they refuse to enforce it.

The democrats want amnesty, that way they can add another 15 million democratic voters to prop up more of their liberal agenda.

This is a little message I sent to each and every member of the LA city council through the link at the top of this letter.

I'll tell you what "symbolic" is: NO more California wines, almonds, avocados, citrus juices or fruits in my house... Now that's symbolic!

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