Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mexico's President Calderon on Immigration

Obama has again trashed the United States and allowed Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon to do the same from the front lawn of the White House. If I were “king” I would have immediately said to all “this press conference is over” and had Calderon escorted back to the border along Mexico and let him walk back through the very troubled area’s that his policies have caused.

After this country and the generosity of our people have taken in millions of Mexicans, fed them, educated them, gave them free health care he has the audacity to say that our immigration laws are “flawed” and promote “racism”
Can we enter his country illegally and get fed, get free health care or a first class education?

This socialist country of Calderon’s has its people starving for education, there’s no work to be had, they are oppressed by the government and they are being killed by drug cartels that bribe the politicians and the police force, it’s the only way to make a decent living in Mexico. These are the results of Calderon’s policies, so why should we continue to support his country when his policies have terrorized his.

Obama again spewed more lies about the Arizona law speaking from the White House lawn stated that the law was a “misdirection“ of a “broken immigration system” and that this law was “unprecedented”

The word “broken” is a favorite of the Democratic Party used this past 18 months to describe; heath care, energy systems, banks, financial markets, auto makers, infrastructure, you name it, they’ve put a “broken” in front of it and tried to take it over.

None of the crime spree’s brought on by these Mexican drug cartels on a daily basis are brought to the attention by our press, yet when a 2nd grader asks Michelle Obama why the president is looking to send her illegal mother back to Mexico makes every channel on the dial.

I am fed up with Obama bowing to these oppressive dictators and whipping the American people like a red-headed step-child telling the world that America has been “bad” and” arrogant”

This law does nothing more than mirror the federal immigration laws that our government has yet to enforce. He stated that the law could lead to racial profiling. What law won’t?

Obama continues to divide the country using racism. Commenting on the law he said that people would be suspect of being an illegal because of how they look, meaning Hispanic people, well yeah! If a police officer gives a description of a bank robber wouldn’t the term “white male” or “black female” be helpful in identifying the suspect?

More than 60%of the people in this country support Arizona’s law and if the federal government does not start enforcing the laws already in place, the rest of the states will follow.

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