Thursday, May 6, 2010


Obama and his minions attack the people of this country that want a fiscally responsible and constitutionally limited government. They refer to them as right wing nut jobs, tea baggers, Timothy McVeigh wannabes and swastika carrying Nazi’s but they won’t call the people that attempt to blow up US cities and citizens what they are – terrorists.

The terrorists use car bombs and suicide bombs to blow up buildings, parking structures and kill innocent people.

This latest incident with the Times Square bomber is a case in point. If this jihadist would have carried out his mission, we wouldn’t be calling them “made made disasters” as Sherlock Napolitano wishes to refer to them.
We’d be having congressional hearings, senate hearings and if we had someone with balls in the White House, we’d be sequestering every nation that has contributed to the training and funding of these crimes instead of bowing and apologizing for the way the US has treated these poor souls.

If not for the US, most of these countries would still be riding a horse to work.

Obama accuses the US of using “25% of the world resources” when we are only “3% of the world population” So what! We’re not stealing the oil from the Middle East. We’re not robbing the Chinese of all the goods they make. We are paying for them and making these countries filthy rich in the process.

The US has created, designed and manufactured new technologies that have brought health, wealth, life-changing products and conveniences to the majority of the world and in some cases; we have given away the technologies.

How would our world look today had the United States stayed part of the British Empire and never became the world’s super power? Would Great Britain even be a country or would we all be speaking German or Japanese.

Obama needs to replaced; plain and simple. He has only contempt for this country and our way of life. He was programmed all his life starting with his Muslim Marxist father and right on up and through the teachings of Saul Alinsky and his hate-mongering, anti-American preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who all taught him that America is a “demon” country.

We are a greedy and treacherous people that steal resources from other countries -- we kill women and babies to secure oil and other riches that we hold precious. When he looks at America’s culture and heritage, he sees only the bad. He believes we should take everything from the haves and give it to the have-nots until there is nothing left but the elitists and the have-nots.

The liberals are always in favor of spreading the wealth as long as I’s not their wealth being spread around.

Democrats have long pushed the lie that they are "for the poor" but history paints a different picture.
It was the Republicans that fought and freed the slaves. It was the Republicans that sought restitution to the American Indians for the way they were treated; it was the Republicans that led the Civil Rights movement, it was Strom Thurmond a democrat that holds the record for the longest filibuster when he tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1957.
So why does the majority of minorities tend to vote democratic? What is it that the democrats sell that they scoop up?

Democrats sell one promise after another, lie after lie. They are for the poor. They are for keeping the poor -- poor.

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