Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rant for the Day

Obama and the democrats say that spending under GW Bush was at an all time high when the truth of the matter is that when GW left office, he was at 2.1% of GDP just a few points above the WWII margin of 1.8%.

Under Obama’s plan, we are at now well above 4% and he did that in just one year. Think of the possibilities that he could do in 4 years or more.

Like Gov. Jennifer Granholm gushed in a speech about her plan for Michigan “In five years you are going to be blown away” Well that was the truth only we thought she meant that in a good way, that Michigan would be thriving again and jobs would be abundant, not that we’d lose a million jobs in our state and have another migration of our family, neighbors and friends to Texas and other states.

Texas by the way has no state tax on income and they have a part-time state legislature.

Obama campaigned as a moderate and even a conservative in some instances stating that he would rid Washington of the pork barrel spending by stripping the pork off all bills that came before him. So why was it no surprise when he went ahead and signed the Omnibus Bill with over 9,000 pieces of pork attached to it?

He promised that “no lobbyists would find a job in my cabinet” just two weeks after his election, he had nominated a lobbyist a day; Eric Holder, Tom Vilsack, William Lynn, David Hayes, Mark Patterson and Cecelia Munoz just to name a few. The list continues to grow as you read this.

Obama has toured the world explaining how bad the US and been to other countries and how we are not a Christian nation even though we were founded on Christian principals and that 85% of the country considers themselves to be Christians. He also likes to bow to radical dictators that use violence against their own people and he likes to give leaders of their countries the room to come onto our land and reprimand the American people as evil doers for wanting to protect our sovereignty by supporting our troops and protecting our borders.

This of his double-talk and lies goes on and on and on. I have heard as much as I can take from this man. I prefer to turn the channel whenever he appears on my TV, likewise when I hear him on the radio.

Common sense tells most Americans that this guy is useless and is doing everything he can to destroy our capitalistic ways and our free market system that has served us so well for over 200 years.

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