Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Democrats are willing to destroy our way of life and our country by looking at amnesty as a way to increase their voter support. They know that by passing an amnesty bill, they will increase their voter support by 16 million people; that is if all of them register and actually vote. By continuing the nanny state and giving these people health care, welfare and food stamps, the people will stay at or under the poverty level and will pay no taxes, thus guaranteeing democratic voters.
The democrats are not for the poor; they are for the elitists and use the poor as a voter base.

Illegal drugs brought to this country across our southern border destroy 1.6 million teen lives a year. And that doesn’t take into account the number of family members that are affected by these kids addicted to these drugs.

Everyday drugs are being carried across our open border. Every week people die at the hands of drug cartels trafficking drugs across our border.

Our federal government has done nothing to enforce the laws that exist. The people of Arizona -- fed up with the wishy-washy John McCain and his left of center ways passed a state law that in effect, gives state law enforcement the tools in which to carry out the laws dictated by the federal statutes.

There is neither “profiling” nor “racism” in this bill. People will not have to do as the liberal talking heads and the state run media has suggested will happen with the “show me your papers” remarks assimilating the law with Gestapo law enforcement tactics. Nothing could be further from the truth. This law does nothing more than what the federal law already provides for.

Read it for yourself SB1070. If you don’t have time to read the entire law, read at least lines 16 – 31.

There are close to 23 million illegal aliens in this country. The non-Mexican count is 579,543. So you can do the math and see were the major problem is. Additional stat’s can be found here:

So much controversy over racial profiling has been brought up, but if you ask the legal Mexican immigrants and the Mexican-Americans if they mind being questioned, there is a resounding “no problem”. These people have or are in the process of paying their dues to become legal citizens of this country, they play by the rules set up to protect them and us and resent the fact that congress is even considering amnesty.

The illegals are not just taking white American jobs; they are taking jobs from the Mexican-Americans as well.

The cost of Social Services programs since 1996 to handle illegal immigration is a staggering $397+ billion. We cannot afford this cost any longer. We need to elect people to congress that will enforce the laws and protect our borders.

I believe that every one as the right to live in whichever country they want, but I also believe that in order to get the benefits of that country, you must play by the rules. Learn the heritage, learn the language and pay your fair share.

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