Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entitlements & Taxes

The age of entitlements is destroying our nation. The families of those that were killed on 9/11 are getting millions (an average of $1.185 million) through the federal government while the families of our fallen soldiers get squat. Now the people from the Oklahoma City bombings have organized and are asking for the same deal as was reported by Rush Limbaugh.

We can see where this is leading. This is the end result of 50 years of entitlements; everybody thinks the government owes then something, problem is, the government has no money or no way of generating it other than taking it from all of us.

So in effect, we will have to pay for what the radical Islamic terrorists did to these people while Obama bows to leaders of these countries, keeps apologizing for the U.S. and telling them how arrogant we are.

The federal government is good at one thing and that is finding creative ways to take more of our money even if it is not supported by our constitution. They use slippery techniques to hide these increases in the back of bills passed that have nothing to do with what the bill was intended such as adding health care expenses into the stimulus bill or tacking on a few cents on our phone, gas and electric bills.

Congress sees fit to make sure they get a raise while telling seniors they will not get a 3% raise they were supposed to get. Our state legislature did the same thing; they get an automatic raise unless two-thirds of the senate votes it down, but no such luxury is afforded to us when they want to raise our taxes.

The military was about to get a well needed pay increase but the Pentagon is yelling “Whoa, hold on here, that’s a lot of money” The Pentagon is facing a crunch in its budget and now doesn’t want to pay the people that do the work the money they deserve.

Military soldiers deserve to be paid at least the same amount police officers do, but the Pentagon doesn’t like using the proverbial “war chest” to pay them. Everybody wants to pass the buck and no one wants to be responsible for paying their fair share. The liberals are fond of giving away every bodies else’s money as long as it’s not theirs.

Everybody needs to pay their fair share in taxes. Why in the world are we taxed for “income”?

This by its name begs the question; why work if you’re going to punish me for earning?

A consumption tax would be a great idea if we could get it passed the letches in Washington that are control freaks and dubious greed mongers. With a consumption tax (sales tax) we would eliminate a whole slew of taxes that compiled on top of each other.

When you get your paycheck, you are paid with money that has already been taxed. When you buy gas for your car, you pay another tax using money that has already been taxed. If you make a mortgage payment, you pay more taxes with money that has already been taxed.

We need to alleviate these taxes and reduce the size and scope of government. They have grown too large and have gained too much control. We need to start by replacing everyone in congress that supports big government. In our current situation, that would be 99% of democrats. Once we replace these power and money seekers, we can work on the republicans that do not adhere to our constitution until we have achieved our goal of a conservative lead congress.

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